2019 Art at the River Winners

Susan H. Powell Best In Show Award: Russ Turnage

Best In Show
Russ Turnage Best in Show

3-D Category

1st Place: John Tobin

2nd Place: Mike Tokarz

3rd Place: Diane Milner

Honorable Mention: Juliet & James Chamberlain

3-D Winners

2-D Category

1st Place: Ellen DeMaria

2nd Place: Mike Kravchak

3rd Place: Laurie Elder

Honorable Mention: Karen B. Williamson

2-D Winners

Photography Category

1st Place: Shirley Whitenack 

2nd Place: Steven Ives 

3rd Place: Rick Hopson 

Honorable Mention: Richard Hogge

Photography Collage

People's Choice Award

JLyn Henderson

Jlyn Henderson-Peoples Choice
Art at the River _ 2019 _0029

2019 Student Winners

1st - Amiah Brown - “Untitled” Bruton HS

2nd - Sylmarie Melendez - “Gondolas” - York HS

3rd - Kristana Velazquez - “Untitled” - Tabb HS

HM - Ashley Ellison - “Untitled” - Bruton HS

People’s Choice - Hannah Camarillo - “Untitled” - Tabb HS