Summers in Yorktown Are About to Get a Whole Lot Sweeter!

Larrys Lemonade Glass

After a long day of sunning and swimming at the beach, there are few things better than a nice tall glass of cold lemonade. Brace yourselves, folks. The newest concoction to be served in Yorktown, comes with a delicious twist. And an equally impressive view of the York River!

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If you’ve driven by 524 Water Street in the past couple weeks, chances are you’ve noticed the colorful yellow signs that have popped up in the windows. Larry’s Alehouse & Deli has already begun its big move into the old Beach Delly location. Soon, the owners will be serving their signature alcoholic lemonade (and other local craft beers), as well as what they tout as the “World’s First Craft Beer/Lemonade Alcoholic Slushy"! In addition to drinks, you’ll find a pub-style menu featuring sandwiches, burgers, dogs, and pizza.

Roast Beef Sandwich and Fries

The name Larry’s Hard Lemonade may be a familiar one. The fruit style beer has been a local favorite brewed here in Hampton Roads since 2010. It was first sold by keg only, through local distributor The St. George Brewing Company. Last summer, cans of the fruit beer started popping up in select grocery stores across Virginia and North Carolina.

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That successful venture came soon after co-owners Vic and Larry opened their first brewery just down the Peninsula in Hampton. The two friends, and business partners, took an old machine shop and built everything themselves from the ground up, learning the mechanics of it all firsthand.

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Vic tells us when the opportunity to open a second brewery here in Yorktown recently presented itself—there was absolutely no discussion. Zip. Zilch. Nada. He and Larry took one look at each other, in unison said “yes”, and immediately hopped in their truck to head down to the waterfront.

There’s no doubt Yorktown Beach is prime real estate for any business, but that isn’t the only reason Larry is excited to open in this new location. Born and raised in York County, he says opening up a business here is like coming home. Larry spent many summer days on the very sand across from his new brewpub, staring out at the York River, taking in the view. And Vic says he’s actually looking forward to his morning commute, which some days will be by water.

Pouring Larrys Lemonade

Naturally, you might be wondering when you can welcome these business owners to the neighborhood with a proper toast. Never ones to shy away from a challenge—the two have set an ambitious opening date of… wait for it… early to mid-April! (Stay tuned for an exact date as we get closer). As for hours, they’re still trying to hammer out the details, but their hope right now is to be open seven days a week. And you heard it here first—once they get up and running, we're told they plan to have a little fun, and squeeze out some new flavors for you to try!

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Larry’s story is an inspirational one. To learn more about why the slogan “When life handed us lemons, we turned them into beer” – be sure to check out the brewery’s website. It’s the reason he gives a signature “thumbs up” in so many of his promotional pictures!

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