Sweet Tooth

Ben and Jerrys Cone

If you have a sweet tooth—you’re in for a real treat when you visit the Yorktown Waterfront. It’s okay to have your cake (or ice cream) and eat it too. In fact, we encourage it!

Ben & Jerry's 

With more than 30 different flavors to choose from, Ben and Jerry’s Yorktown makes it almost impossible to pick just one. Our advice? Order a large and make it a double… scoop! Popular flavors include Bourbon Brown Butter, The Tonight Dough, and Triple Caramel Chunk. You’ll also find several flavors that aren’t available in most stores, as well as pints to help you stock your freezer. The menu includes sundaes, milk shakes, sorbets, and smoothies. You can order your scoop in a waffle cone, bowl, or even a waffle bowl (gasp!). Whatever you decide, don’t forget to grab the napkins

Carrot Tree 

Life is short; eat dessert first! That’s the motto at Carrot Tree Kitchens where owner Debi and her staff bake cakes fresh from scratch, daily. While Carrot Tree is known for its signature triple-layer carrot cake filled with decadent cream cheese frosting—the bakery serves up a variety of delicious desserts for every palate. You’ll find whole cakes, cake by the slice, and several individual grab-and-go options pre-packaged for your convenience. Planning a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding? Be sure to ask about their custom cake options—personalized to celebrate any occasion!